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At OneWater P3 Gurus, we are passionate about bringing the best value to ratepayers through creative and well-executed public-private partnerships. We believe that P3s, when done right, can deliver innovative and sustainable water solutions. We are committed to helping owners and rate payers strike the right balance of risk and reward in their partnerships, focusing on deliverables and considering the long-term nature of these collaborations. Our passion lies in maximizing the value of assets, optimizing operations, and ensuring the best outcomes for both private and public entities and the communities they serve.

Specific areas where our passion can add value to your organization


Selecting the right design firm and structuring the commercial aspects of contracts are crucial to ensuring timely and cost-effective project delivery. At OneWater P3 Gurus, we understand the importance of efficient designs within budget and time constraints. With our expertise, we assist public entities in the selection process, getting involved during the RFP stage, and negotiating commercial structures for their design needs. By evaluating regulatory and permitting hurdles and mitigating risks, we help streamline the design aspect of projects and reduce overall costs.


The expansion, upgrade, or construction of infrastructure requires careful consideration of partners and commercial structures. OneWater P3 Gurus recognizes the importance of selecting the right approach for capital projects in the Water Industry. Whether it’s Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Lump Sum, or a Guaranteed Maximum Price, our team provides expert guidance on choosing the most suitable structure based on project size and risk. We navigate the complexities of contract negotiations, ensuring the best value and risk transfer for public entities, while delivering projects within budget and timeframe.

Operations and Maintenance

Efficient operations and maintenance play a vital role in delivering high-quality water services to communities. OneWater P3 Gurus offers comprehensive support in this area, providing valuable insights and solutions to optimize operations and maximize asset value. Our team evaluates contract operations, identifying areas where outsourcing can bring benefits, such as improved billing and support functions. For public entities with existing contract operators, we conduct thorough evaluations to ensure appropriate risk transfer and negotiate contracts that deliver the best value. Additionally, we assist in asset management, implementing systems and procedures to maintain assets based on lifecycle costs, while also helping with staffing and succession planning to ensure continuity of operations.

Moreover, we recognize that long-term concessions can be a viable option for public entities to enhance operations and maintenance efficiency. Our team specializes in evaluating and advising on long-term concessions, helping public entities understand the potential benefits and risks associated with this approach. We assist in structuring concession agreements, considering factors such as performance guarantees, revenue sharing, and asset management provisions.


OneWater P3 Gurus offers comprehensive staffing services to address the challenges posed by the industry’s “Silver Tsunami.” With the expertise to navigate the evolving water sector, they can assist in recruiting and interviewing candidates identified by organizations, providing valuable feedback. Moreover, OneWater P3 Gurus offers the option of interim senior management, stepping into crucial roles while clients search for permanent replacements. Recognizing that finding the right fit is crucial, their focus is on tackling complex changes rather than rushing the process. With their staffing solutions, OneWater P3 Gurus ensures organizations have the necessary leadership and expertise to drive success in the ever-changing water industry. Please visit our portfolio company www.aquastaffing.com for more information


Public entities often require financing for capital projects, whether through refinancing existing bonds or seeking funding for new initiatives. OneWater P3 Gurus has extensive experience in navigating the complex landscape of financing in the Water Industry. We have successfully facilitated financing transactions ranging from $50 million to $1 billion. Our team works closely with financial authorities, lenders, and rating agencies to structure transactions, prepare offering memorandums, and negotiate contracts. By providing technical and operational expertise, we support public entities in securing favorable financing terms and achieving their funding goals.

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