Our Team

Sachin “Zak” Chawla

Sachin “Zak” Chawla is a seasoned Water and Wastewater executive with over 25 years of progressive leadership experience and extensive knowledge of water resources, water treatment operations, and state and local water policies. He has held various key positions throughout his career, including his most recent role as President/General Manager at Poseidon Resources (Channelside) GP Inc., where Zak oversaw the management of Carlsbad Desalination  with an annual operating budget of $140M and led strategic financing initiatives for capital improvement projects. Prior to that, Zak served in progressively increased roles at Veolia Water North America, culminating in his position as Vice-President of Operations for California and Nevada. With a strong background in managing personnel resources, driving financial and operational performance, and building relationships with stakeholders, Zak brings valuable expertise to OneWater P3 Gurus and its clients.

Throughout his career, Zak has achieved notable accomplishments in driving operational excellence and achieving rate stabilization or reduction for public agencies. He successfully turned around the performance of various utilities, led strategic growth plans, secured contract renewals, expanded service scopes, and improved project financials to ensure stable or reduced rates for the communities served. As the visionary Founder of OneWater P3 Gurus, he continues to shape the water industry through innovative public-private partnerships, revolutionizing water management for a sustainable future by bringing private expertise to the public agencies. Zak’s strong leadership, strategic mindset, and extensive experience make him an asset to its clients. With an M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering from OHSU, and a B.E. in Chemical Engineering from MIT Manipal, Zak combines academic knowledge with practical expertise to deliver exceptional results focused on rate stabilization and reduction for public agencies.

Patrick Crain

Pat Crain, is a seasoned construction professional with a strong record of guiding projects from inception to completion. With proficiency in permitting, planning, construction, installation, and start-up, Pat consistently delivers projects on budget and within schedule. He excels in utilizing project controls and document management systems. Pat’s leadership, team building, and communication skills are key to his success. In his previous role at Poseidon Water, he managed the construction of a 50 MGD seawater desalination plant, played a crucial role in interfacing with multiple stakeholders, and led the selection of process providers and contractors for the Huntington Beach Desalination Development Project. Pat has worked on different contract deliveries such as Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Progressive Design Build, Design Bid-Build projects. Pat holds a Master’s in Construction Engineering and Management from UC Berkeley, a B.S. in Civil Engineering from UC Irvine, and is a California-licensed Professional Engineer. These experiences make Pat a great addition to OneWater P3 Gurus in development and management of P3s.

Suresh Jambunathan

Suresh Jambunathan, a professional in the field, serves as a key figure at OneWater P3 Gurus. His extensive career showcases executive leadership roles, where he has proficiently managed sales and technical teams, driven process development, and excelled in contract negotiation and financial analysis. Suresh, based in the Chicago area, has effectively applied his knowledge to an array of sectors, including Food, Beverage & Agricultural processing, and petrochemical plants. His multifaceted capabilities encompass process design, project management, and project financing. His areas of specialization include process and project development, operations, and maintenance of Energy & Water assets, as well as consulting and project development services in the domains of Energy and Water systems and process design. He also has hands-on experience with Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM) Water & Wastewater systems and DBOM Energy Recycling systems, which encompasses Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Waste Heat Recovery (WHR), and Demand-Side Management (DSM) projects.

Suresh’s academic background is equally impressive, with a Master of Science in Food Science from Pennsylvania State University (1998) and a Bachelor of Engineering in Petrochemical Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, University of Poona, India (1994). His wide-ranging knowledge and commitment to sustainability make him a valuable asset within the OneWater P3 Gurus team.

Gina Charest

Gina Charest is a seasoned Corporate Finance Professional with over 15 years of diverse industry experience, bringing a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, financial reporting, and process improvement. She served as the Manager of Finance and Accounting and oversaw financial operations for a $1.5 billion desalination plant that supplies 10% of San Diego County’s fresh drinking water.

Gina has a proven track record of driving significant capital raises, managing comprehensive budgets, and improving profitability through meticulous financial analysis and cost control. Her notable achievements include contributing to a $430 million capital raise, leading due diligence and compliance efforts, and achieving substantial cost savings through forensic accounting and strategic financial management.

Her leadership style is participative and transformational, consistently nurturing cross-functional relationships and mentoring her teams to enhance performance and engagement. Gina holds an MBA in Management Finance from San Diego State University and dual Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Production & Operations Management from the University of Arizona.

Fred Edgecomb

Introducing Fred Edgecomb, our expert in Operations and Maintenance at OneWater P3 Gurus. With over 45 years of experience in water and wastewater management, Fred brings a wealth of knowledge and exceptional leadership to our team. His hands-on and educational background includes extensive experience in both the public and private sectors as well as a degree in business and a master’s degree in public administration. Fred has successfully managed teams of all sizes, from small operations to large divisions, and is renowned for his hands-on approach and lead-by-example mindset. Fred’s expertise in facility operation and maintenance ensures that our clients receive top-notch service with an unwavering focus on safety and permit compliance. He’s led the operations and maintenance teams for several design-build operate contracts as well as new construction projects. His down-to-earth communication style makes him relatable to community leaders and team members alike, and he has a proven track record of delivering impactful presentations to boards of directors and industry seminars. Fred’s commitment to leadership development and mentoring new leaders strengthens our team, and his extensive experience in renowned organizations such as Hazen and Sawyer, Inframark Water Infrastructure Operations, Rancho California Water District, Orange County Water District, and Veolia Water North America speaks to his remarkable contributions to the industry. Fred’s passion for excellence, extensive experience, and remarkable leadership skills makes him an integral part of our OneWater P3 Gurus team, where we strive to deliver innovative solutions for our client’s water and wastewater needs.

Bob Yamada

Bob Yamada is a highly accomplished water professional with a distinguished career in the public sector, specializing in water resources. For over 30 years, he has served in various water resources-related roles for a large Water Authority. Throughout his career, Bob has played a pivotal role in numerous significant projects and initiatives, showcasing his expertise in water resources management. He was a key part of the leadership team that successfully led the development, negotiation, and administration of the Water Purchase Agreement for a 30-year Public Private Partnership for the Carlsbad Desalination Plant on behalf of a public agency. This project exemplifies his exceptional ability to navigate complex agreements and drive successful partnerships. 

Bob’s contributions extend to various areas of water resources management, including water facility permitting and environmental compliance, water infrastructure master planning, and facility planning. He has a deep understanding of water supply and demand forecasting, allowing him to effectively address the evolving needs of the community. His expertise in urban water management plan preparation and drought response ensures the efficient and sustainable use of water resources even in challenging times. 

With his keen analytical skills, Bob excels in water rate analysis, providing valuable insights to optimize cost structures and ensure fair and equitable pricing for consumers. He was actively involved in integrated regional water management planning, including fostering collaboration among stakeholders to achieve holistic and efficient water management strategies. Additionally, his proficiency in long-range capital improvement project (CIP) budgeting and planning enables strategic allocation of resources for future growth and development. 

Bob Yamada’s extensive public sector experience and expertise make him an invaluable asset to OneWater P3 Gurus to assist and help other water utilities.  

Jatin Raina

Jatin Raina is a tenacious and entrepreneurial leader with a strong business acumen, specializing in maximizing profits through data analysis, efficient resource utilization, and crafting creative solutions to complex problems. His experience in the water sector includes overseeing global manufacturing engineering, facilities design, construction, and management. Jatin has successfully managed budgets for capital construction projects and delivered turnkey project execution, ranging from initial design to start-up operations. He has negotiated contracts, managed vendor relations, and ensured the efficient operation of water and wastewater facilities.

During his time at Kiewit Corporation, Jatin has played a vital role in the execution of mega infrastructure projects, including those related to water treatment, sewage treatment, and water distribution systems. He has expertise in strategic planning, project management, and procurement, ensuring the successful implementation of water-related initiatives. He served as a project manager, project controls manager, chief estimator, and procurement manager on several large-scale projects in the power generation, sewage treatment, highway, and rail transit sectors.

Jatin holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science degree in Production Engineering from the University of Mumbai. His extensive experience, leadership skills, and expertise make him an asset to OneWater P3 Gurus, contributing to the success of their clients in the water industry.


Philip Ashcroft

Philip Ashcroft is an inspirational leader in the water sector with a proven track record of devising strategies that increase efficiency, productivity, and rate stability. With over 30 years of experience, he has a strong aptitude for identifying solutions that drive sustainable growth. Throughout his career, Philip has held key positions in renowned water organizations. As the Chief Municipal Operations Officer at Veolia Water North America, he oversaw 180 contracts with 2,300 employees, resulting in significant business growth and diversification. Prior to that, he served as the President of VWNA-West LLC, managing a business unit spanning from Hawaii to Texas and Canada to Mexico, resolving legacy issues and developing new asset management products. Philip’s expertise extends internationally, having served as a Board Director of Three Valleys Water Plc., a regulated UK water utility, during his tenure at Veolia Water in Paris, France. He introduced business performance improvement processes, achieving substantial cost savings and service level improvements. With a strong strategic focus, operational efficiencies, and commitment to innovation, Philip has consistently delivered results. Notable accomplishments include leading the start-up of a $40M/year Indianapolis operations and maintenance contract, significantly reducing operating costs for Three Valleys Water PLC by $12.7M and driving 8% annual growth for VWNA in a static market. As one of the gurus at OneWater P3 Gurus, Philip leverages his extensive experience to guide public entities through water-related projects and ensure long-term water resource management for communities. His visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and customer-centric approach make him a respected industry expert.

Chibby Alloway

Chibby Alloway is a highly accomplished professional in the water industry, renowned for his expertise in operations and maintenance (O&M) of water and wastewater treatment plants. With over 40 years of experience, Chibby has contributed to numerous successful projects, including the first public-private partnership (P3) project in Scottsdale, AZ in 1984. Throughout his career, he has completed over 30 successful P3 ventures, showcasing his exceptional ability to navigate and optimize these collaborative initiatives.

Chibby’s extensive knowledge spans all areas of municipal and industrial waste and wastewater treatment equipment and processes. As an expert technologist, he has a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in these operations. His insights and proficiency have been instrumental in driving efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness across various projects.

Chibby’s contributions extend beyond his professional endeavors. He has actively participated in volunteer work within the water industry, serving on committees for the Water Environment Federation (WEF) for over 30 years. His involvement in organizations like Engineer Without Borders and the United Nations ARISE program demonstrates his commitment to promoting sustainable practices and supporting communities worldwide.

With his wealth of experience, Chibby Alloway is an asset to any client of OneWater P3 Gurus. His deep understanding of O&M practices, expertise in public-private partnerships, and comprehensive knowledge of waste and wastewater treatment equip him to drive success and for any utility.

Arnaud Soupa

Arnaud Soupa is an experienced finance professional with a robust application of fiduciary accountability and an ethical sense of purpose. With a focus on efficiency and delivery, Arnaud takes a proactive approach to financial control and administration, working collaboratively with all stakeholders to advance the business, monitor costs, mitigate risks, and provide insights through financial and strategic planning. As an experienced executive leader with a 15-year experience working for a global leader in environmental services, Arnaud has actively participated in the development and financial closing of infrastructure projects, involving a total project finance investment of $570 million. He brings expertise in strategic planning and execution through enterprise performance management. 

Arnaud’s skills span a wide range of areas, including business planning, project finance, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), corporate governance, financial modeling, internal controls, and financial reporting. He is adept at managing international business protocols, contract negotiations, and change management. With a background in entrepreneurship, partnerships and major projects, Arnaud brings a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape and its impact on business growth.

Arnaud holds an MS in Finance and the CFA and AFM designations. His resilient, innovative, and collaborative approach makes him a valuable asset to OneWater P3 Gurus, contributing to their mission of ensuring long-term success for utilities and stakeholders in the water industry.

Craig Watkins

Craig Watkins, DBIA, a high-energy, hands-on construction executive with a focus on alternative delivery and design-build construction. Craig has a wealth of experience in creating, managing, directing, growing, and acquiring companies in the design-build and hard bid construction markets, including water, wastewater, petroleum, aviation fueling, and general construction. He has been an industry leader in the DBIA movement, advocating for a shift in project delivery methods towards design-build, IPD and PPP.   Currently serving as the CEO of S.C Capital Partners Inc. in Huntington Beach, California since January 2018, Craig provides investment banking services, business consulting, M&A support, valuations, and strategic guidance to clients in the environmental sector, with a strong emphasis on the design-build community. He also holds board seats and assists companies in executing their strategic plans. Additionally, Craig has worked with RES, LLC since 2019, collaborating on projects treating bio-hazard medical and specialty wastes. He has brought in strategic partners like Veolia to enhance the success of these endeavors. With a diverse background and expertise, Craig has been involved in various entrepreneurial opportunities, including consulting for the construction industry and establishing waste-to-energy initiatives. Notably, he has held key positions in companies such as CDM Smith, Veolia, M.C. Dean Inc., Meruelo Enterprises and owned his own construction company before all of these positions.  He played pivotal roles in development, strategic planning, and senior project management. Craig holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and is a Designated Professional (DBIA) with the Design Build Institute of America. He is actively involved in professional organizations and possesses strong computer skills, P&L literacy, and large-scale budget management

John Wood

John Wood is a highly experienced professional in the water and infrastructure sector with more than 40 years of experience in public private partnerships. During his tenure as Sr. Vice President of Veolia’s Municipal and Commercial operations group in the Central Region, he provided leadership and support for water, wastewater, and energy operations across the United States and Canada. As the corporate Principal for Veolia North America – Central, LLC, John led a regional service area encompassing the central U.S. and Canadian provinces, managing a diverse portfolio of projects and services including design/build (DB) and design/build/operate (DBO) contracts. With nearly 100 facilities under his oversight, he successfully managed over 1,000 employees and achieved recurring annual revenues exceeding $225 million. John’s expertise extends to project development, client relations, sales and marketing, and contract administration. He has a strong background in water, wastewater, groundwater, and resource recovery operations, having worked with various public entities. He brings a wealth of experience in contract operations and contract negotiations and administration.  His project management experience includes water and wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste projects, industrial pretreatment programs, resource recovery facilities and land application programs.