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OneWater P3 Gurus, founded by Sachin “Zak” Chawla, is a pioneering firm born out of his profound expertise in the Water Industry and his unwavering commitment to public-private partnerships (P3s). Recognizing the unique challenges to originate and create new P3s, Mr. Chawla envisioned a revolutionary approach to navigate water-related P3s and spearhead transformative change for communities’ long-term water resource management. Mr. Chawla has been on both sides of the table, been a service provider for many years and then became an owner’s representative managing a utility and reporting to the Board.

He recognizes as that as population increases and water infrastructure gets old, we will need more P3s to revitalize the infrastructure and also bring in new water resources such as reuse, groundwater storage, brackish water desalination, etc to meet the demand of the next generation. This inspired him to start this firm with other industry experts. 

In an evolving landscape where utilities must balance diverse stakeholder expectations and navigate intricate challenges, OneWater P3 Gurus stands as a trusted partner, bringing together technical proficiency, business acumen, and the experience necessary to achieve sustainable operational performance. Together with their clients, they strive to shape a future where public-private partnerships drive positive change and foster resilient water resource management for communities worldwide.

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