Our Services

  • Pursuits and Implementation of P3 projects including Project Development, Permitting, Project Delivery oversight, Program Management, Financing and Long-term Operations Oversight 
  • Review of Existing P3s in Design, Construction and O&M, and provide a Comprehensive Report and Rating based on our Proprietary System – OneWater P3 Ratings 
  • Management and Oversight of P3 Water Assets for Financial Investors and Turning around Distressed Assets


OneWater P3 Gurus assists public entities in selecting the right design firm and structuring commercial aspects of contracts. We streamline the design process, evaluate regulatory hurdles, and mitigate risks to ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery.


The team at OneWater P3 Gurus provides expert guidance on selecting the most suitable approach for capital projects, such as Design-Build or Construction Management at Risk. We navigate contract negotiations, ensuring the best value and risk transfer for public entities while meeting budget and timeframe requirements.

Operations and Maintenance

OneWater P3 Gurus offers comprehensive support to optimize operations and maintenance of water services. We evaluate contract operations, identify outsourcing opportunities, and negotiate contracts to deliver the best value. Asset management, staffing, and succession planning are also areas of expertise.

Long-Term Concessions

The team specializes in evaluating and advising on long-term concessions, helping public entities understand the potential benefits and risks. We assist in structuring concession agreements, considering factors like performance guarantees, revenue sharing, and asset management provisions.


OneWater P3 Gurus provides comprehensive staffing services, helping organizations recruit and interview candidates while offering valuable feedback. We also offer interim senior management expertise to bridge leadership gaps. The focus is on finding the right fit and tackling complex changes in the water industry. Please visit our portfolio company at www.aquastaffing.com


OneWater P3 Gurus has extensive experience in facilitating financing transactions for capital projects. We work closely with financial authorities, lenders, and rating agencies to structure transactions and secure favorable financing terms.

With their expertise and tailored services, OneWater P3 Gurus aims to support owners  in achieving successful water projects, optimizing operations, and ensuring long-term water resource management for communities.

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